Behind our Family Business...

When we met, we had a lifetime to catch up on, so we didn't waste any time. We got married and started on our dream of working for ourselves and creating a life together. Out of that, Create Estate was born. 

Upholstery has always been the family business. With more than 40 years experience under Dad’s belt and an established workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Create Estate had the foundation to let our creative minds run wild.

We're focused on quality, longevity and sustainable production of unique pieces at a fair price.

Create Estate offers custom bed heads and bed bases, all made by hand in the factory. We use some our favourite fabrics and materials often inspired by our coastal surroundings.

Our beds are designed to stand the test of time. Create Estate’s range is growing and with each new piece, we'll create light-filled, harmonious homes as your place of calm.

This is just the beginning for us - a start. We promise to evolve and refine our pieces as the narrative of our story continues. Each purchase you make, will help us create something new for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. So thank you so much for being a part of our story. 

Sam and Nic xx