King Bed Head - Find the right size

We are a custom bed head designer based in Qld that make everything to order from our factory in Qld. Our speciality is linen and velvet slipcovers and upholstered bedheads. These bedheads are available in a variety of fabrics, textures, colours, shapes and designs. We also sell them in all sizes from single bedhead, super king bed bedhead or anywhere in between.

Create Your Dream Bedhead with Create Estate

Ultimately, our goal at Create Estate is to help you create your dream bedhead. There are so many bedhead styles out there, but much of what is available at the average furniture store falls into the timber/metal headboard category. These headboards are often beautiful, but they lack some of the customisation options you can achieve with fabric bedheads. Specifically, a fabric or upholstered bedhead gives you a much longer list of possibilities for colour, shape and detailing. Create Estate not only puts the focus back on fabric bedheads but makes it easy to customise any bedhead you like within the fabric or upholstered category.

Our most popular product is the slipcover bedhead, which customers love for its versatility. You can buy a queen bedhead and pick out a few different slipcovers in the queen size. From there, you can switch out the slipcovers as you please to give your bed a whole new look. Some customers like to change their slipcovers as often as they change their sheets, rotating them to make sure they stay clean and fresh-looking. Other customers switch their slipcovers with the seasons, to match different bedding/comforter sets. However often you wish to give your bedroom a makeover, you can swap out the slipcover, and be done.

Over the years, we have supported a strong and loyal base of customers, who love our products and use us repeatedly for their bedroom furniture needs. Often, a customer will come to us for a new bedhead for one room in the house and then come back to us for other rooms such as master bedrooms, kid’s bedrooms, guest bedrooms, bedroom/office combos. We can help you get the right look for each room, and the right size to suit. You might need a double bed headboard for the guest room and a king bedhead for your master. With us, you can easily customise your bedhead design to suit those sizing needs.

Start Customising Your Dream Bed Bedhead Today

At Create Estate, we are here to help you however we can. If you need advice, ideas or brainstorming help as you customise a bedhead (or numerous bedheads) for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to delivering a design you love.