From New Houses to Home Makeovers, Custom Bedheads Delivered To Melbourne Are Your Own Personal Luxury

Whether you’re moving into a new home, decorating a guest room, or simply ready for a change of scenery in your master bedroom, shopping for custom bedheads in Melbourne is the perfect starting point. Your custom upholstered headboard will be the hero piece in any bedroom in your house. At Create Estate, we are proud to offer a broad selection of luxurious bedhead designs that you need to make your space your own.

Custom Bedheads Melbourne

Getting More Value out of Your Bedheads in Melbourne

Upholstered bedheads in Melbourne have become a must-have when it comes to any new interior design project. If you’re shopping for one yourself, there are a few things to think about when designing the perfect bedhead for your space.

  • Style and aesthetic: From refined, elegant designs too bold and modern looks, bedheads can be made to suit a range of styles. Choose a style that matches your room’s existing décor or pick a bedhead that you love and decorate the rest of the room around it. Create Estate offers hundreds of different fabrics and colours to choose from for your bedhead as well as other stylistic variations such as bedheads that are fluted, buttoned, bordered or made with a removable slipcover.
  • Fabric and colour: The fabric that you choose for your custom bedhead will have the biggest impact on  both the style and the durability of the piece. At Create Estate, you have endless options when it comes to fabric for your bedhead, including linen, velvet, suede, faux leather supplied by Australia’s most popular fabric manufacturers, including Warwick, Wortley, Zepel, Charles Parsons and more. Choose a fabric based on whether you need a more durable washable fabric such as our Fibre Guard range or a plush, velvet perfect for adding texture and warmth. We will gladly send you up to 7 fabric samples (samples are charged at $10 for tracked delivery, which is redeemable against your order). Visit our fabric samples page to order or email us at
  • Padding and comfort: Wooden and metal bedheads are often beautiful, but are not necessarily the go-to choice for comfort. If you plan to lean on your bedhead while you’re relaxing in bed—perhaps while reading a book or watching TV—you will want an upholstered option. Create Estate’s upholstered bedheads are made using Australian, high-grade foam resistant to fungi and bacteria, mould, mildew and dust mites. The foam used also comes with a 5 year guarantee ensuring the density and comfort will remain the same as the day it arrives.
  • Shape: When you think of a bedhead, do you picture a simple rectangular design or a feminine rounded shape? Create Estate offers a range of shaped bedheads whether that be from our existing online bedhead range or a custom make that you design yourself

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When choosing between an upholstered bedhead and a slipcover bedhead there’s a few options to consider. Upholstered bedheads are headboards that have been upholstered in your chosen fabric and can include various finishes such as fluting, buttoned, flanged borders and more. Slipcover bedheads however, are a versatile option as they can be removed, washed (depending on your fabric selection) and  changed over time. At Create Estate we start with your custom bedhead shape, then will make a slipcover to fit with the option of a loose fit or snug fit that easily slides on and off. Choosing the perfect upholstered beds in Melbourne allows you to customise your own design down to the last detail.


Start Customising Your Bedhead with Create Estate

At Create Estate, we would love to help you start customising the perfect headboards in Melbourne. With us, you’re buying a high-quality, Australian made product that will last the test of time with all designs made by hand in our family run factory.perfect . Contact us today for a quote or to start designing your new bedhead.