Create Your Dream Bedroom - Custom Upholstered Bedheads and Headboards in Brisbane

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom has the potential to be an overwhelming process, with endless options and styles available. However, custom made bedheads manufactured locally in Brisbane by Create Estate, is a great starting point when setting the stylistic tone for your space.

The Statement Piece - Choosing the Perfect Bed

For any room in the house, your furniture plays a vital role in complementing the architecture and creating the kind of vibe that you want to cultivate. Choosing the furniture for your bedroom is especially important because of the role that room will play in your day-to-day life. Your bedroom should be your private escape after a long workday, a relaxing haven to sleep in, or a cosy place to curl up with a book on the weekends.

At Create Estate, we help you to create that haven. We offer a range of headboards in Brisbane in a variety of different shapes and styles with hundreds of fabrics to choose from. We specialise in modern upholstered bedheads that can be customised by size and shape, border finish, buttoned or panelled, quilted or classic, wall mounted or free-standing.. Our best-sellers are our removable bedhead slipcovers which can be changed as often as you like and designed in fabrics such as our bespoke denim, velvet, linen, leather or suede.

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Bedhead Slipcovers

Each slipcover brings a different look and feel to your bedroom, while giving you the option to change your mind and the overall look and feel with each new season. Many of our customers start by choosing their upholstered headboard , which includes the Old Faithful, The Half Moon and the Long Time and then add on a slipcover, or two, in their favorite fabric..

Bed Bases

While Create Estate is most well-known for our upholstered bedheads in Brisbane, we also offer beautiful timber and fabric bed bases to match. Browse our selection of bed bases, which includes a Tasmanian Oak timber option or upholstered in your chosen fabric. Our three main bed base designs includes our floating bed base, box bed base or box bed base with drawers for added storage.

What About A Valance?

We offer custom valances to match your headboard and that can be made to the exact measurements of your bed base. Perfect to refresh the look of your existing base and costing less, a valance will add a relaxed, finished look to your bedroom decor. At Create Estate we have a range of different fabrics and colours to choose from, from sapphire blue velvet to fresh, white linen and vintage look leather.

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The Benefits of Choosing Upholstered Bedheads in Brisbane

Compared with traditional timber or metal headboards, upholstered bedheads offer several distinct advantages that make them a perfect when choosing your interior décor.

With our upholstered bedheads, you have access to a wide variety of customisation options. Most headboards you find online come in a limited number of materials and styles and shapes. When you add fabric to the equation, you discover an entirely new world of colour, style, and texture options. All these extra options make it easier to design a bedroom space that feels truly customised to suit your preferences.

Quality is another factor that drives many customers to choose Create Estate headboards in Brisbane. Mass-produced imported product often leave a lot to be desired when it comes to quality and longevity. A custom fabric headboard from Create Estate is made by hand using premium, locally sourced products where possible.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to the personal, relaxing sanctuary that is your bedroom. Get the very best with a custom bedhead in Brisbane from Create Estate. Contact us today.