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If you’re on the look-out for the perfect  headboard for your bed but are yet to find something that you really love, at Create Estate we have a range of luxurious bed heads and bed bases. We bring something fresh to the bedhead shopping process.


We want to make it easy to purchase beautiful and bespoke bedhead designs—including upholstered bedheads and headboards with slipcovers—with delivery available around Australia. We offer a range of fabric options that allows a high-level customisation element into the equation for customers. By empowering our customers to start designing custom bedheads online, we brought both these ideas to life.

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How to Build the Perfect Bedhead

At Create Estate, we are well-known for selling custom slipcover headboards and upholstered bedheads in Australia. We saw a gap in this segment of the market: so many bedheads are either timber or metal, and we wanted to offer more options—and more tailoring options—to customers who were seeking fabric bedheads. Whether someone was shopping for a velvet bedhead in Sydney or a denim headboard in Melbourne, we wanted them to come to us.

If you’re ready for a new, high-quality fabric slipcover or upholstered bedhead, follow these steps to design and buy headboards online from Create Estate.

  1. Explore our website: Create Estate allows you to do a lot of different things with bedhead customisation, tweaking everything from shape to fabric to colour. To get a sense of what we offer, check out some of the upholstery styles and slipcover styles available to you.
  2. Consider your stylistic preferences: Perhaps you are outfitting an empty room with new furniture and seeking inspiration for how to decorate the space. Maybe you are just trading out the bed in an already-decorated bedroom and want to match the bedhead to the room’s existing style. Either way, reflecting on what you love—and what would work well in the space—will speed up the customisation process.
  3. Fill out our ‘Request a Quote’ form: To get the ball rolling on your custom headboard, fill out our ‘Request a Quote’ form. Share your ideas for your bedhead design and be as specific as possible. The more you can tell us, the more accurate we can be with the design and your quote. You can send us photos of your space, measurements that you are trying to match, or anything else you can think of that might help us translate the idea that’s in your head into a stunning finished piece.

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Buy Headboards Online Today from Create Estate

Once we have a design concept in place, we’ll work with you in bringing together the design elements of your headboard that will fit within your set budget  Once you’ve settled on a design and chosen your fabric,your new headboard will be dispatched from our factory on the Sunshine Coast just two to three weeks later.

If you have any questions about our custom design process—or would like a quote for bed headboards in Australia—feel free to contact us directly.