When designing your Kid's Bed Heads and Bed Bases, deciding between stripes and child-like prints, plain linens or plush velvets the options are endless. Each of our bed heads can be upholstered in your chosen fabric or come with a removable slipcover - which means the style of your kid's beds can be chopped and changed as often as their interests.

Our range of Kid's Bed Heads are made by hand from our factory on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We can customise your little one's bed head design down the the smallest detail with hundreds of fabric options to choose from including Linen Bed Heads, Velvet Bed Heads, Upholstered Bed Heads - plus the option for matching Bed Bases.

With a focus on fun for our Kid's Bed Heads, our fully customisable beds include those for both boys and girls that will see them into their teenage years. We offer a range of sizes including Single Size Bed Heads, Double Size Bed Heads, Queen Size Bed Heads, King Size Bed Heads, up to Super King Bed Heads.

We also offer Afterpay as a payment option so you can pay it off in 4 easy instalments. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have on our hand made Kid's Bed Heads.