Fabric Sample - Ovis Spruce
Fabric Sample - Ovis Spruce

Fabric Sample - Ovis Spruce

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Boucle fabric, with its richly textured and tactile allure, elegantly transforms the bedroom into a haven of luxurious comfort. Its exquisite looped appearance not only adds visual interest but also envelops the space with an irresistible sense of warmth and sophistication, creating a truly inviting ambiance for relaxation and indulgence.

Our most popular options include Ovis and Fontaine, each available a number of colour options as listed.

Composition: 80% Polyester 10% Acrylic 10% Cotton

Width: 1420mm

Mardindale: 87,500 Cycles

Lightfastness to sun: >6

Fontaine is a sumptuous boucle fabric. It's a characteristic knotted yarn texture.


3 years 


Clean with hot water extraction machine, spot clean 

Ovis - FIAA Care Label 1 - Pile Fabrics, Velvets & Chenille Wovens