14 Tips on How To Style Your Master Bedroom

14 Tips on How To Style Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most important spaces in any home. Not only is it a place to recharge and feel revitalised, it’s your own private place to escape the day to day. Being a room closed off to visitors, you can really have some fun creating a space that’s unique to you.

But where do you start? Here are our top ideas on creating a stylish master bedroom that will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. 

Master Bedroom with Custom Bed Head

Start with a custom bedhead design

Traditional buttoned headboards in three shades of grey may be just what you’re after, but we’re in 2019 and if you really want to create a stylish bedroom, you can choose from our custom made upholstered bedheads range or design your own, down to the smallest detail. 

We suggest starting by choosing a shape and size that’s going to work in your space. Opt for an extra wide bedhead or one with added height for those with large bedrooms and plenty of wall space.

Next, choose from endless fabric and finish options to set the theme of your bedroom. Whether it be natural linen or plush velvet, aged leather or soft suede go with something that’s sets the overall mood of your bedroom.

Whether you want your bedhead fluted for extra opulence, a contemporary wrap around, traditional quilting or tailored piping, there’s options aplenty and you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your style.

Master Bedroom with Ovser sized quilt & Custom Bed Head

Use an oversized quilt & quilt cover

Want to know an insider trick professional stylists use to decorate a master bedroom? Use an oversized quilt and quilt cover! For example, if you have a queen-size bed, use king size linen. The quilt flowing over the sides of your bed will look extra inviting, and will also hide any storage you may have under your bed like our two drawer bed bases

Want to take it one step further? Consider adding a valance to complete the minimal aesthetic of your bedroom, as well as give a luxurious and extravagant feel. 

Choose matching bedside tables

Add bedside tables on each side of the bed to provide balance and create symmetry. It’s also a great place to rest that morning cuppa. It’s important to select a bedside table that doesn’t sit too low, and matches the aesthetic of the rest of the room. Remember, these aren’t statement pieces as such, but serve as functional and necessary pieces so minimalistic designs that are usable can work best. 

Also consider the option of having your bedside built into your bedhead as floating shelves, like our Brooklyn Bedhead.

Set the right vibe with lighting

Instead of settling for just standard LED downlights, create a relaxed feel by using warm ambient lighting. Table lamps, wall sconces and pendant lights help to illuminate a room perfectly without taking away from your statement headboard. Lamps can be mixed and matched, but they should all line up visually and complement one another. Position your lights on or above your bedside table to make nighttime reading comfortable.

Master Bedroom with Sky Light

Add artwork over the bedhead

To create an even more visually appealing aesthetic, consider placing a large piece of artwork above the bedhead. Make sure that the negative white space you have to work with above the bedhead has been considered. Centre the artwork, and then mount it. For a lot of master bedrooms, this ties the room together and allows you to introduce colour. Not practical adding it above the bedhead? No stress, try some scatter cushions in a beautiful print fabric on the bed instead.

Use calm & restful colours

Using neutral colours like white, silver, gold, taupe, or charcoal in your master bedroom helps create a neutral and soft atmosphere. This creates a peaceful and relaxing environment, perfect for those lazy Sundays. It’s important to incorporate a few pieces which have some darker tones, creating the perfect balance. Where possible, try to avoid bright patterns and prints in your furniture as this can date. Instead incorporate colour through layered textiles.

Utilise corner spaces

Quite often your corner spaces go to waste and end up becoming a dumping ground for dirty clothes. Instead, have the corners serve a functional purpose. Consider putting an upholstered occasional chair that matches your headboard, or a dresser in the corner, giving you added storage for hiding clutter.

Make your bed the main focus

What’s more important in a master bedroom than your bed! It may be tempting to downsize the bed to fit other ‘essential’ items into the room, especially if you are looking for small master bedroom ideas. Don’t sacrifice a good night’s sleep in a small bed for these so called essentials, rather make your bed the stand out.

If you’re working with a small space, look for a bed which had added storage, and without compromise, going to make the entire room feel comfortable, inviting, and relaxing. The trick to making the bed the focal point of the main bedroom all comes down to choosing the right bed base. If you can, select the bedhead and base early on in your decorative process and style the room around them. 

Master Bedroom Styled with a Throw Rug

Choose the best position for your bed

Where you place your bed can have a significant impact on the flow of your bedroom. It can be the difference between a space which feels cramped or one where you have room to move. You should also factor in how easy it is to access any windows and wardrobes, as well as where power points are located (which you should try to hide). It may take some experimentation to find the setup which works best for you. Remember, It’s important to not sacrifice functionality for style.   

Add some plants

You should think of your bedroom as a retreat, and what better way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul than being surrounded by nature. Plants add layers of texture and colour, as well as releasing clean oxygen, making your bedroom a healthy space. This especially works well for those in apartments who may not have their own garden to give them that nature fix. Be sure to choose plants that will prosper in your space. Look out for how often they should be watered and what lighting they need to survive.

Incorporate a mirror

A decorative mirror can be a major piece in the styling of your room, plus is perfect for helping reflect light to give the appearance of having more space in small bedrooms. Wall, free standing, hanging and leaning mirrors are known to work best in the bedroom space, Be sure to select a mirror type that compliments the rest of your room. Mirrors used correctly can make the room feel more spacious. 

Pillows, cushions, and more cushions

What better way to add some colour and patterns to your room than decorative pillows/cushions. These fluffy clouds of comfort not only give the room a more relaxed touch, they can be the finishing piece of style to your room. For best effect, choose a selection of pillows and cushions in different sizes that compliment the rest of the room. Don’t forget to tie them in with your bedhead design, perhaps in the same fabric but contrasting colour.

Use lush throws

Layering a throw rug on your bed can give the room that luxurious feeling, just like a high-end hotel. For best effect, make sure to use a large throw rug to really emphasise that luxurious feel. Throws work best in natural colours, but more importantly make sure they compliment the style of your room. 

Add an ottoman

Adding an upholstered ottoman or a bench made is the perfect way to add functional sophistication to the room. You can either choose a colour which compliments or contracts the colour palette. Some ottomans also have storage compartments, giving you your very own treasure chest to store any extra blankets and sheets.


There you have it! We hope you are now inspired to and have all the ideas you need get into your master bedroom and decorate it to be the true relaxation space you deserve. Still need some inspiration? Check out our range of bedheads and bed bases. We also provide full service upholstery if you need further help. 

Master Bedroom Styled with Custom Bed Head & Colourful Cushions

We’d love to see your master bedroom style - tag us on Instagram - @create.estate so we can see your creation. Good luck and happy styling!

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