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Bedroom Decor: How to Nail the Minimalist Bedroom Style

Bedroom Decor: How to Nail the Minimalist Bedroom Style

Figuring out your style and bedroom decor not quite at the top of your to do list? Well the good news is that puts you miles ahead of everyone else when it comes to living a more minimal lifestyle - where the less complicated it is, the better.

Bedroom Decor and the Minimalist Bedroom Style
Reality is, most of us simply don’t have the time or energy to know whether your scandi or country, bohemian or farmhouse, up or down.
But we’ve caught the year’s “going minimal” bug and have discovered there’s something wonderful behind the idea of having less, spending less and needing less.
Changing trends can often mean jumping from one style to the next when it comes to designing our homes, but taking the tried and tested ‘less is more’ approach can not only create beautiful calm homes, but carries across into our lives where we feel less stressed and more content everyday.
In the spirit of simplicity, we have uncovered the secret to achieving mimimalism at home - and the new year resolutions to end all resolutions. 


Bedroom Decor and the Minimalist Bedroom Style

When you picture minimalist living you don’t invisage clutter. Minimalism goes way beyond pretty ‘things’ and should start as a blank canvas. The first step to achieving this in your bedroom may mean decluttering  and making room for a more organised, in control you.
Creating a restful, calm space can’t be done amongst the mist of toys, old clothes, papers and ‘we’ll get to  it later’ dishes. Get back to basics and unless it’s practical, improves your life in some way or makes you feel like the superstar you are, bin it. Let the minimalist effect begin.


Bedroom Decor with Upholstered Bedhead Australia for a Minimalist Bedroom Style

With the decluttering done, it’s time to focus on the must haves. Big-ticket furniture. Get the basics right and build from there. Invest in bedroom decor pieces that are not only functional but will only get better with age.
Think hardwood timbers such as oak and upholstered bed heads or bedding in natural linens, bamboo and leathers. Changing your frame of mind to quality over quantity and starting with unique, quality made items means your furnishing won’t date as trends change and will save you thousands in the long run.
Cheers to more sun-soaked getaways with the family.
Aim to have just one ‘hero’ piece in each room to avoid clutter and ensure that piece screams look at me.


Bedroom Decor with Upholstered bedhead for a Minimalist Bedroom Style using white paint

Yup 50 is being conservative. Paper white, alabaster white, ivory white, egg shell white and vanilla white, the list goes on.
As the starting point for the minimalism style, getting your white right is the difference between creating a harmonious and inviting room and a clinical, hospital-like feeling room.
The secret is first choosing between a warm vs cool white. Warm whites are a more gentle hue, best used in south facing rooms or bedrooms to create a cosy feeling.  In comparison, cool whites create a sense of space and add umph to open plan areas with an abundance of natural light.

The higher the gloss your paint the easier is it to wipe off little finger prints.



Bedroom Decor and Homewares for a Minimalist Bedroom Style

To avoid all white looking too stark, stick to a neutral palette when it comes to decorative extras. Create soft layers of earthy, organic textures for that homely, lived-in feeling.
Warming textiles grouped together like cowhide rugs, knitted throws, cushions and soft window dressings is where you can really inject some personality into your room. Just remember, less is more.

Unlike colour treated cottons, linen sheets and furnishings are 100% natural which makes it a great alternative when allergies such as eczema are an issue.



Bedroom Decor and Wall Art for a Minimalist Bedroom Style

The paired back palette of true minimalism need not be boring. Colours have a powerful way of influencing mood and introducing wall art into a paired back room is a sure fire way to brighten things up without going crazy.
Choose a print, photograph or painting that makes you feel only good things. Whether that’s a family photo, coastal seascape or your the littlies kindy artwork, anything with sentimental value gets you bonus points.

Aim to have just one ‘hero’ piece in each room to avoid clutter and ensure that piece screams look at me.



Bedroom Decor and indoor plants for a Minimalist Bedroom Style

Going minimal is all about finding your place of calm, which goes to say that letting living plants in is a winner.
Introducing some greenery into your home will not only provide a natural earthy aesthetic, but provide an interesting dynamic to your existing furniture, without complicating your overall design.
It’s not just about the plant. Get creative with hanging plants, painted terracotta pots, vases, greenhouses or plant stands at eye height.

Stick to low maintenance plants such as yucca, rubber and spider plants or succulents to avoid eating into your already limited time.

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